Tuesday, January 09, 2001

{January 9, 2001} I just had yummy lasagna (how do u spell that??) Ok, ok, i know this is like REALLY late, but this is what i got for Christmas:
01. TRAMPOLINE! I really wanted that sooo bad
02. Lots of cd's....Creed, Charlie's Angel's Soundtrack, Backstreet Boys Black & Blue.....
03. Clothes, clothes, CLOTHES!
04. Fuzzy posters, you know those posters u color and it helps u stay in the lines???
05. Portable CD player
06. VCR
07. The Sims Computer Game
08. The New Zelda (ok this 1 was more for my mom...)
09. Sim Themepark
10. Bath & Body Works
11. Smelly good stuff!
12. Movies, like 10 Things i hate about you, Grease 1, Dirty Dancing (my all-time favorite movies!0
13. There's more, i just cant think of any more!
*I finally got a blog site!*
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